5 Reasons Sugar Is Killing Your Sex Drive

By Renee Heigel

May 11

It is not a laughing matter when we consider the large amounts of men and women struggling with low libido.

Sex Drive Tips to Increase Intimacy With Your Partner and Avoiding Sugar ContentThe problem is, excess sugar, flour, artificial sweeteners and processed foods cause hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are interconnected, like a vast system of information communicating with each other. When one of those hormones is off, it’s similar to what it’s like when one of the busiest, high traffic roads has construction in the middle of rush hour. Everything else is impacted.

Sugar is one of the biggest hormonal disrupters and we are putting it into our body at 5 times the rate than we can handle. The average person is consuming about 23 teaspoons per day because it’s hidden inside almost everything we eat and drink.

Let’s Break Down the 5 Ways Sugar is Killing Your Sex Drive, Your Body and Give You Some Solutions:

1) Sugar and artificial sweeteners increase the level of dopamine in your brain (your reward system), which can lead to feelings of depression or low energy.

This is not a healthy recipe for a great sex life.

*Do a detox, change your taste buds. Allow your body to find it’s natural and primal rewards with food and sex.

2) Sugar and artificial sweeteners reduce your serotonin (your happy hormone).

Serotonin deficiency is an epidemic in our world with so many people turning to prescriptions and foods to be happy. This means way too much serotonin in the brain. For some with addiction issues, they may have low serotonin, then seek out the sweets or carbs to make them happy.

*Cut out the sweets for 7 days but ideally 28+. Give your hormones time to reset themselves.

3) Sugar lowers testosterone in men and women.

It causes insulin in your body to be high and it brings down testosterone. In a nutshell, your sugar and sweet habit is causing a deficiency in your testosterone and that is leading to a low libido, more fat storage in your cells and for men, trouble getting erections.

*You must go cold turkey off the processed sweets and sugars.  Focus your attention on fresh fruit as a replacement. Sugar is addictive, find support, detox and a lifestyle where your body is not dependent on it.

*While you detox be sure to move your body daily to help increase your testosterone.

4)  When you cannot tell if you are hungry, craving or overeating, you may be leptin resistant.

Leptin is a hormone that tells us to put that fork down. When we eat a lot of sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and flours, insulin goes up and blocks out the leptin.

*Your first step is to retrain your tastebuds and break up with those intense sugar cravings. We can change our hormones so make sure you are eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods to help it.

5) Sugar, processed foods and flour mess up your lifestyle and put stress on our adrenal glands.

It’s like you are in a vicious war with cravings, hunger and exhaustion and when you add stress into the mix, who has time for sex? So if you are super motivated to have that mac and cheese dish for dinner with a glass of wine and dessert, I would bet you won’t be having much sex that night.

*The path for you is to support your adrenal glands while changing your lifestyle. Sex is a natural primal act and when our sex drive is low, it impacts our entire life, relationships and self esteem.

Eat nuts, seeds, legumes, a variety of veggies, fruits, healthy fats and grains without gluten.

I like beautiful herbs like Maca and Ashwagandha to help with libido, but we must get to the root issue of cutting out the sweet stuff that is causing the problems first.

Share your thoughts with me, I would love to chat with you on your experience with sugar and libido in the comments below or on social media.

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Renee HeigelRenee Heigel, CHHP

Renee Heigel, CHHP shows people how to feed themselves and love themselves as the creator of Love Yourself NakedⓇ. She is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Life Coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, whole foods cooking teacher and meditation teacher. Renee works with medical doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, high profile business people, couples and families. She has been featured on ABC and Fox News, and works privately with individuals and corporations. Visit www.reneeheigel.com or www.winningthesugargame.com for a sugar detox info.